In Brief

1962: First one-woman exhibition in New York
         (at the age of 23 years)
         Since then more than 70 one-woman and group exhibitions in Europe and the United
Repeated and extended art -study - travelling on all continents
Curriculum Vitae in «Lexikon der zeitgenössischen Schweizer Künstler» (the dictionary of contemporary Swiss Artists )
Who's Who
- in Western Europe
- in International Art
- The World Who's Who of Women
Rotary Art Prize
«The Artist Silke Glättli»
a unique and very special Art Book on the painter's creative work: 186 pages, 57 full - page colour reproductions and 64 black - and - white reproductions, drawings, illustrations and sketches as well as text contributions.
Concept, layout, production management and edition: Walter Glättli
Purchases by the «Eidgenossenschaft» (Swiss Government) , Cantons and Communities, Banks and Insurance Companies
Art works by Silke Glättli are to be found in private and public collections in eighteen countries on five continents
«Voices» of the Press
«...Moments of soft silence and profound sensibility...»
                                                             Neue Zürcher Zeitung
«...Beautiful broad landscapes, flower paintings in enchanting colours...tell us of a t truly passionate love for nature, for life and an artistic mastering of existence...»
«Powerful dynamic energy and lyrical poetry...»
« ...a blessed visual person...»
                                                             Liechtensteiner Volksblatt


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