Paintings and Art Techniques

Oil on Canvas
© Silke Glättli, Stäfa, Switzerland
Watercolour on Japanese Paper

In a very special and unique wet - in wet technique, developed by Silke Glättli, detailed description in the Art Book, page 25 and 26.














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© Silke Glättli, Stäfa, Switzerland
«Floating in front of a drop off»,
© Silke Glättli, Stäfa, Switzerland
Water colour on handmade French water colour paper
«Winter sun in the Engadin (St. Moritz)»,
© Silke Glättli, Stäfa, Switzerland
Original (Stone-)Lithography

Lithographed directly on the stone, that means each colour on a separate stone. More details about the technique, see the Art Book, page 27.


«In the Garden» (With the Art Book )
© Silke Glättli, Stäfa, Switzerland
Original Colour Etchings
Cyclus of 3 colour etchings: «Mother Earth : Growing - Richness of Being - Fading away and new Growth», see the Art Book, page 124/125.

More details about the technique, see the Art Book, pages 28 and 29.







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«Mother Earth: Growing»
© Silke Glättli, Stäfa, Switzerland
«Mother Earth: Fading away and New Growth »
© Silke Glättli, Stäfa, Switzerland
Drawings and Illustrations
«Little Cottage in the Vineyards»
© Silke Glättli, Stäfa, Switzerland

All works of art on this website are subject to international copyright protection by Silke Glättli, CH-8712 Stäfa, Switzerland.

The "copyright- print" of course is not printed on the originals. Furthermore the quality, esp. the brilliance and subtlety of colours of the here shown works of art are not as good as the originals.

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© Silke Glättli, Stäfa; Switzerland

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